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At North Star Employment, we help individuals and organizations to realize the true potential and find jobs or search for talents in a fast and easy way.

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As a dedicated recruitment agency, we support individuals seeking the right job role in Canada’s energy, process, manufacturing and infrastructure job market. We are your one-stop solution for the right job position.

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Time is precious, especially when you are searching for a new job. We keep it simple and hassle-free for candidates with the easiest methods and procedures.

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General Labour

Are you looking for assistance in finding the right job role for supporting tasks across industries like construction, manufacturing, warehouse or other settings? We are the expert to help you.


Get hired as an assembler in your desired industry with a satisfactory package and perks. As a leading recruitment agency, we are here to help you be a part of the production process.


We help professional and certified welders to get desired job positions. We help individuals seeking the right job as a welder in a variety of industries.

Meat Cutter

We can help you to get a satisfactory job as a meat cutter in general merchandise stores, food stores, slaughtering and processing units or other settings.


Want to get hired as a forklift operator? We can help to realize your potential and secure the right job with satisfactory packages and perks.


Do you have the right skill sets required for shipping/receiving jobs? Let us help you to find your best matches from a wide variety of industries.

Job Hunting?

As a top-ranked recruitment agency, we understand the market better and research to deliver the ultimate employment recruitment service. We hunt jobs for unemployed individuals or discontent with their current position.

Talent Searching?

We help organizations in the process of talent search and acquisition. We use our experience, knowledge, database and resources to search and identify talents with all necessary skills for a wide variety of industries.

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