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For more than 24 years, North Star Employment has supported a wide variety of industries in Canadian job markets with a pool of skilled, talented and experienced workforce.

As a leading recruitment agency, we help businesses keep up with present labour market trends and prepare to access a large talent pool.

Why Choose Us

Fast Hiring Process

We can the hiring process to a different level with our agile and proven methodologies.

Low Fees

Access the pool of skilled and talented workforce and hire some of the best candidates at the best-in-the-industry price.

Large Talent Pool

We have gained a lot from our experience and expertise in the field, and we can help you with our extensive talent pool

Local & Remote

We are ready to help you with local and remote employees with the specific skill sets you need to ensure business growth.

24 Years of Experience

We are a seasoned player, and we have the knowledge and all necessary resources to deliver ultimate hiring solutions

Custom Consulting

As a top-ranked recruitment agency, we can deliver need-based solutions to cater to our clients and make hiring easy and cost-effective.

Productive partnership

We enjoy a partnership with some of the best market researchers and employers. We rely on our experience, expertise, talented team and resources and value our partnership with clients and third party shareholders to ensure success in this domain.

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