Meat Cutter

Have you worked in a meat facility before?

Do you have some degree of experience working at meat processing plants or performing one or more roles in a processing factory? At Northstar Jobs, we have job openings at various meat processing facilities around the country.

If you have a minimum of 6 months of working experience in the meat processing industry, you are in luck because our clients are looking for skilled workers like you.

Job Description

You will be expected to perform a few or multiple tasks on the job. These tasks are outlined below

Meat cutting equipment like knives, machetes, and other high-tech cutting tools will require sharpening before the start of work or during work hours.


You should be able to read and follow instructions. Here are the skills we are looking for.

You must have a deep knowledge of the standards of the industry and your employer. Knowledge about sanitary standards, labeling, and food safety standards is important.

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