Reasons Why Employers Trust Northstar with their Recruitment Process

Employers Trust Northstar for all their staffing needs because our process is Cost effective and delivers great results. Northstar is a professional online recruitment platform with a large network of applicants across diverse fields. Register now to get started.

The human resource of any business is its most cherished asset. Not the work tools, office building, or finished products, but the employees who work there. Without the employees, all other factors of production cannot be harnessed to create value. This is why smart business managers prioritize their recruitment process and only go for the best hands and brains to fill positions in their establishment.

How to Hire Workers?

As a business owner, manager or HR manager, there are two general ways you can hire workers. In layman’s terms, you either do it yourself or contract a professional to do it for you.

DIY Recruitment Process

A DIY recruitment process involves planning, organizing and handling the recruitment exercise on your own using resources at your disposal. This involves marketing available positions to the public using different methods like

  • Mass media
  • Word of mouth
  • Referrals
  • Social media
  • Collaborations with professional organizations

This method is the standard practice for many businesses because it offers them control over their recruitment process. Also, it allows them to keep overhead costs low if they know who the best candidates are and where to source them directly.

However, DIY recruitment is a double edged sword. It may work for some but not for others. Even for businesses that are lucky enough to attract the right candidates, they can not always be fortunate all the time in getting the best candidates. Moreover, the process can take a very long time which can be a huge disadvantage if you are on a short window and your business is in dire need of staff for operations to continue.

Professional Recruitment Agencies

The second option is to use professional recruitment agencies. These agencies are broken into two. We have traditional recruitment agencies and online agencies. They both offer the same service and operate in the same way since they recruit staff on behalf of their clients. However, online agencies operate largely online and need not meet job applicants one on one. The shortcomings of traditional recruitment agencies led to the rise of online agencies, and overtime, many business managers have come to rely on them over hiring staff on their own or using traditional agencies for their job recruitment exercises.

Introducing Northstar Jobs

If you are looking for the best online recruiters to help you beef up your workforce, Northstar is the agency for you. This trailblazer has carved a niche for itself in the Canadian labor industry and for years, they have assisted companies in various industries to attract the staff they need to compete in their respective industries.

Reasons why Northstar is the agency employers trust

Northstar’s position in the labor market is one that was earned through hard work and dedication, and here are some of the reasons why employers trust this online agency for all their staffing needs.

Time Saver

One common reason many Northstar clients cite is that the organization delivers on time. If you have a severe staff shortage that is already affecting your business operation and your profit margin, you need to fill up the vacancy quickly before your business goes down. With Northstar, there are no delays or prevarications. You can hire staff at short notice especially when it is an emergency.

And guess what? The staff Northstar will recruit for you are the ones that will deliver on the job. This is certain because of our intensive selection process that meets the criteria of all our clients. We don’t just hire staff for the sake of it. Rather we hire staff that will meet the unique needs of our clients.

Personalized Service

Traditional recruitment agencies operate a one-cap-fits all approach when recruiting workers for business owners and the result is a series of hits and misses. At Northstar, we understand that every business is different with a unique need hence the need to design a unique strategy to attract workers who are the right fit for their companies. We offer personalized services to each client and the results are positive all through.


Marketing your vacancies to the general public can eat into your profit margin. And sadly, you still might not find the best hands for the job. However, using Northstar is a cost-effective process that will save you precious funds that can be utilized elsewhere. Why so? Simply because the fees you pay are quite affordable even if your business is a small business.

Secondly, you only pay for workers you recruit through our network. So you see, rather than pay service fees that may not yield your desired results, you only pay after the service has been rendered.

Large Pool

For years now, Northstar has been building a database of job seekers and we continue to do so. Employers know this for a fact which is why they keep coming back to utilize our curated network to find the right staff. Our pool of workers cuts across different professions and regions in Canada so you can rest assured that you will find the talents you need when you need them.


Like with all things in life, experience is key and at Northstar, we have a deep knowledge of the labor market. Having operated in the industry for years, we know who the best candidates are and where to find them. Moreover, we also know what attracts employees to certain organizations and we can market your business to these applicants to elicit positive responses.

Professional Guidance

Last but not the least is the professional guidance we offer to clients during the recruitment process. Once you communicate your needs to us, we will provide you with a manager who will coordinate with your company to ensure that your needs are well taken care of. This one on one service is one of our best selling points and why our clients rate us highly.

Partnering with Northstar Jobs is a cost effective way to grow your company. If you are looking to hire the best hands to fill up vacancies in your company, now you know where to look.