Shipping/ receiving

Are you looking for shipping and receiving jobs in Canada, or do you have experience working in a shipping facility but wish to change jobs?

At Northstar Jobs, we have shipping and receiving slots we are looking to fill on behalf of our clients. Feel free to apply if you have a few months of work experience working in the shipping or general logistics industry.

Job Description

Successful candidates will be expected to perform the following tasks one at a time or simultaneously.

All items sorted in the warehouse have ID numbers, and you will be expected to track them using their assigned numbers as quickly as possible.


Successful candidates should have basic reading and writing skills. Having at least a High school Diploma is a huge plus. Here are other qualifications to take note of.

This job required a lot of heavy lifting. You must be able to carry up to 50lbs of items daily. For heavier items, lifting equipment will be made available by the employer

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