What is the best way to hire General Labor for your Short and Long Term Projects?

The best way to hire General labor contractors is to do so via online recruitment platforms like Northstar. Northstar has an abundance of applicants looking for job opportunities and we can help you find them. To hire as many contractors as you want at short notice, register today to get started.

Do you run a business establishment, and you require general labor services to handle specific or general tasks? We are sure that you would want to hire the best hands for the job without wasting too much time or resources in the endeavor. To make this a reality, you need to utilize an efficient medium to hire the general labor you need for your short and long-term projects.

What is General Labor?

General Labor refers to physical tasks performed by man either with it or without the use of work tools and or equipment. The role played by general laborers in a work environment is very important, which is why recruiters leave no stone unturned when looking for general laborers.

But what is the best way to hire general laborers for your long or short-term projects? Do you use traditional methods, or do you go the modern route? Common recruitment methods utilized by most businesses are

  • Publishing ads in newspapers and community journals
  • Displaying a vacancy sign outside their establishment
  • Hiring a traditional recruitment agency to do the job
  • Publishing online ads

These methods are not new in the labor industry as they have been widely used for a long time now; however, they are not as effective as you think. To be fair, they can help you attract the much-needed labor you need, but you will have to deal with

  • An increase in overhead cost
  • Limited success in attracting the best hands for the job
  • A high rate of employee turnover as many of the recruits may likely leave
  • Uncommitted employees whose attitude to work does not align with your organizational goals
  • A protracted recruitment process

Utilizing the network of online recruitment services

If you want to hire the best and competent hands for the job, an online recruitment outfit is your best bet. But before we reel out the numerous benefits of contracting an online recruitment service, you need to understand what an online recruitment company does.

Online recruitment platform

An online recruitment platform or company is a private contractor hired by a business entity to help them with their hiring process. While online platforms operate similarly to traditional recruitment agencies, the marked difference is that online platforms largely deal with applicants online via their platforms.

The application process is mostly done online, and interviews can be conducted via phone calls or video calls, depending on the employer’s requirements.  The main advantage that online platforms have over traditional recruitment agencies is that they can attract applicants from a large section of the labor industry by leveraging the power and spread of the internet. In a nutshell, the best online recruitment platform will provide your company with

  • A competitive edge in the labor market
  • Expose your business to the best talent
  • Save time and resources

Advantages of using an online recruitment platform for your General Labor hiring

While other methods offer you certain advantages, online recruitment platforms offer businesses much better results. Here are some of the benefits of using the services of a recruitment platform.

Hastens the recruitment process

If you have a factory or plant that will soon be completed, the last thing you want is for progress to stall because you don’t have the required hands to man the various posts and handle important tasks for you. Also, in the case of a labor shortage, failure to fill up roles can affect your production process or delay project completion, which will only affect your profit projections.  With the help of online recruiters, you can hasten the recruitment process by hiring the workers you need as quickly as possible.

Attract talent from a large pool

Traditional recruitment agencies only hire from among the list of applicants in the county, city, or province they operate. While they can still attract talent, their reach is limited. With the help of online recruiters, you can attract qualified applicants from a wider area beyond your area of operation. The wider your reach, the better your chances of hiring general laborers who will be a proper fit for your organization.

Online platforms use organic tools and practices to attract so many interested applicants to your job postings, which can only be a positive thing for your business.

A Cost-effective process

Did you know that hiring online is a cost-effective method? When compared to other forms of recruitment, it remains the cheapest for one main reason. You see, online platforms like Northstar Jobs only charge you for employees you hire through their network. So rather than pay for applicants that you may not need or do not qualify for your project, Northstar only charges you for the applicants you actually hire.

This method reduces how much you spend on recruiting workers. You don’t have to spend money on any form of advertising since the platform handles the marketing on your behalf. Today, many businesses turn to online platforms like Northstar because they help them keep their costs low while attracting the general labor staff that they need.

Maintain strategic focus

Another benefit of using online recruiters is because doing so will allow you to focus on other activities while leaving the recruitment process to the experts. Great employees make great companies, but great companies are not always the best when hiring talent. Rather, they leverage the experience and network of trusted recruiters. This approach allows them to focus on meeting their target in other areas.

Hire General laborers using the best

If you are looking to hire general labor staff for your short or long-term projects, look no further than Northstar jobs. Our agency has been active in the Canadian labor industry for years, and in that time, we have helped many companies attract the talent and workers they need. Our pre-employment process conducts

  • Applicant screening
  • Personality assessment
  • Employee requirement evaluation

We ensure that the applicants sent to you are those who are qualified with a strong work ethic. So far, so good, we have filled vacancies in many organizations for short and long-term projects, and we can do the same for you.

Contact us today, and let us customize a recruitment strategy that is right for you.